Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy or sometimes called speech-language therapy is an early intervention service targeting to improve speech, language, social skills, communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. 

A speech-language pathologist or often known as speech therapist will assess, diagnose and treat various speech , language and swallowing disorders.

Parents are often key to the success of speech herapy. A speech therapist works closely with parents and other professionals involved with child or adult to maximize the client's ability to communicate.

When should my child see a speech therapist ? 

- When you feel your child does not use as many words as he/she should at his/ her age 

- When your child does not seen to be playing together with you 

- When other have troble understanding what your child is trying to say

- When your child have trouble forming sentences to express ideas 

- When your child have difficulties making certain sounds or pronouncing words

- When your child have difficulties in feeding and swallowing

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