Shadow Teacher

Role of Shadow Teachers


The function of the shadow teacher is to give additional academic and psychological assistance to those children enrolled in the optimum learning programme who require it during the school day. The shadow teacher assists the student in a variety of ways, including filling in gaps in the learning process, assisting the student in developing self-confidence, and fostering academic success. The majority of the time, the position is performed in a 1:1 ratio, which means that one shadow teacher is assigned to each pupil. The shadow instructor also assists the student with getting ready and arranged for class, as well as with the strategies in class. Students are constantly reminded to be responsible and committed while studying and in classrooms.


Benefits of having a shadow teacher

  • The students is able to participate in regular classroom instruction and contact with his or her peers.
  • The pupil learns to focus on his or her strengths rather than their flaws.
  • Educational enrichment is provided to the pupil.
  • The school gains from the shadow teacher since a coordinated effort is made to fulfil the student's special requirements.
  • Parents benefit from regular communication with an adult who is aware of what is happening through at school and what events are taking place.
  • Furthermore, the parents feel comfortable and secure in the presence of their child.



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