BA PlayGroup

What is Brain Activation’s Playgroup?

Brain Activation’s Playgroup is an early intervention initiative to aid children in building social, communication, emotional and life skills. Through our playgroup, children will learn to socialize and interact appropriately with their peers. Besides that, group interaction will also provide children the chance to develop their school readiness such as turn-taking, follow instruction and compliance. The playgroup activities included gross motor activity, fine motor activity, sport, pretend play, speech and language development, discussion, games and play, and etc. Playgroup also indirectly give chance to parents and caregivers to meet and share tips, concerns and experience from each other.

 Who can attend playgroup?

Brain Activation’s playgroup is for toddlers and pre-school aged children. Our playgroup is designed for children who have unique needs associated with delayed in communication, social and challenging behavior. In Brain Activation, children are placed in a small group setting of 2 - 6 students which aim to address their unique needs and to maximize learning.

Why choose Brain Activation’s playgroup?

As you know, the critical time period in child development is from birth to five years old, which they are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. In order to reduce children’s developmental milestone gap, Brain Activation’s playgroup has customized a stimulating environment for student to play and learn. Our playgroup also provide opportunity for children to make friends and develop their social skills. Through experience of play and socialization with friends, children will learn to understand own and others’ perspectives, rules and regulations, which will help them in developing their problem solving skill and communication skill. Besides that, playgroup also support children’s imagination and creativity through variety of activities such as pretend play, art & craft and etc. In Brain Activation, we care about children’s physical development too. Our playgroup strives to assist children in their gross motor and fine motor development by providing access to a variety of equipment and toys.

How does playgroup help in child development?

Brain Activation’s playgroup has designed a list of activities to aid in child’s development. Our gross motor and fine motor activity are custom made based on a child’s need. For example, a child with poor pre-handwriting skill will be trained on fine motor skill to improve his/her finger dexterity and hand strength. Besides that, pretend play provides the chance for children to learn through role play. Children have the chance to pretend as doctor, chef, waiter, customer, and etc. They will learn how to communicate with others and expand their vocabulary. Furthermore, children’s expressive and receptive language will be improved through various of games & play, and music & movement. Through music and movement, their listening skill will be improved which will aid in speech and language development.

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