Oct 14, 2021

Job Description
-Candidate must possess at least a Diploma in Psychology or equivalent.
-Able to conduct therapies for Special Needs Children (< 7 years old).
-Good Knowledge of pediatric therapy
-Fluent in English and can speak in Chiness.
-Fresh Graduate are encouraged to apply.
-On-job training provided
-EPF, SOCSO provided.
Uniforms provided.
Friendly working environment.
Must love working with children with good planning skills needed.

Oct 13, 2021
Oct 12, 2021
Oct 12, 2021
如何识别您的孩子是否有 #自我调节 方面的障碍🧐
Oct 9, 2021
Oct 7, 2021
Oct 7, 2021

Applicants should at least be undergoing his/her Diploma in Psychology or related field.
Optimistic, good team player, self-motivated, able to work independently, and excellent interpersonal communication skills and professional behaviour
Flexible in adapting to a wide variety of tasks and able to work under pressure
Must love children!

Job Responsibilities:
Meets the children's goals and needs and provides quality care by assessing patient’s activity daily living, cognitive, work or school readiness and leisure and interpreting evaluation and test results; treatment plans in consultation with physicians or by prescription.

Helping children patient in sensory integration issues, cognitive functions movement and coordination problem by using the structured play and fun activities in helping them developing their readiness to the school, organization of task and behavior skills, refinement of motor skills and educating them in self-care abilities; especially for the older children.

Perform evaluations, progress summaries, establish treatment plans with goals, provide treatment, maintain treatment notes as specified, delegate specific treatment and perform discharge activities according to the standard procedures.

Ensure that verbal and written communications including tone, demeanor and content with children and parents are at all times professional, appropriate and respectful.

Preserves and protects children/patients confidentiality in all situations and with all documentation.

Attends, participates and manage events held by the company to educate public about what the company can offer and it's benefits.

Attends and participates in continuing education programs to monitor proficiency, expand current knowledge and enhance professional excellence.

Willingly shares knowledge and provides clinical orientation to other members of the staff.

Maintains safe and clean working environment at all time.
Demonstrates professionalism as a healthcare professional by being punctual and dependable for assigned/confirmed work task.
Maintains consistent and reliable attendance and complies with company guidelines on attendance.

Constantly maintain high professional standards at work with regard to personal behavior and interactions with others children, staff and families.

Perform other duties as requested by superiors within due dates.

Please contaact Ms Carol 0108314143

Oct 7, 2021

Job Descriptions :
-Teach and conduct occupational therapy sessions or classes for children with special needs either in groups or individually.
-Conduct assessment sessions for children with special needs.
-Provide consultation to parents after the end of the session.
-Prepare evaluation session reports and daily reports for therapy class sessions for parents and company reference.
-Handle and assist in playgroup classes.

Job Requirements :
-Positive attitude, passionate about collaborative teamwork.
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
-Adaptable to change. Good problem-solving skills, able to navigate unexpected situations or conditions.
-Candidate must possess at least DIPLOMA IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY or SPECIAL EDUCATION or equivalent.
-Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, or English and if can speak in Chinese more advantage.
-At least 1 year of working experience in Early Childhood / Teaching typical or special need children

Work place: Penang or Johor

Oct 6, 2021
Oct 5, 2021

最为大家熟悉的就是孩子的多动症,很多人分不清 #多动症和活泼的区别,孩子在那里上串下跳的,有人说活泼,也有人说多动,大多数父母也搞不清楚,自己孩子到底是怎么回事?
首先看一下多动症的几个基本特点: #注意力散漫,注意力散漫主要表现在跟人沟通或学习的时候,不怎么听别人说话,也不进行理解,做任何事情都会一会儿干这一会儿干那的倾向,永远无法一件事从头到尾一直坐下来,除非他只是特别简单的动作; #小动作不断,是一些无意义的小动作不断,动手动脚,频繁眨眼,或者发出声音等等;并不是指孩子好奇去动的行为,孩子在成长过程中去触碰一些新鲜的东西,那是应该鼓励和解释的,一味的制止孩子的行为可能反而引发多动症; #情绪控制不好,多动症孩子大部分情绪控制是有问题的,要么过度欢乐,要么过度悲伤,看个小猫小狗受伤会流泪,但看见人受伤反而没感觉,说话有过度表达倾向,重点往往不清楚;# 免疫力普遍不好,容易生病或受伤,有不愿意运动,却愿意到处动的倾向; #学习有困难,主要还是理解力和注意散漫的关系; 偏食、偏科或 视野狭窄,不能转变。
1.多动症不仅是一个孩子多动的问题,它会引发一系列问题,其中最重要的是不能正常专注学习和工作,#导致成绩不好或结果不好而产生 #自信心下降,#容易自卑;
2.我们根据监狱罪犯的调查,有高达85%的罪犯有多动症倾向,引发犯罪率概率特别高,能占67%左右:所以多动症患者有一定机率变成 #反社会分子。
3. 多动症容易导致 #情绪控制问题而引发社交障碍;

2.多动症是可以 #通过脑训练变好的;
3.多动症 #通过药物治疗,有副作用且对大脑本身发育不好;
我们 #BrainActivation可以通过脑波检测知道多动症及其它一些问题;#脑波检测和行为分析在一起
有兴趣的朋友可以 #PM 我们了解详情!
欲知更多详情, 可联络046563889或是 Whatsapp:https://wa.me/message/R7I7MLE62HJUH1

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