BA Intervention

What is Intervention Program?

A child-centred learning programme that is customised to each child based on skill-building strategies which aim to enhance students’ academic levels, concentration, observation, judgement, thinking ability, memory, creativity, response and self-management, in order to help them to do better in school. Every child is special, the services and activities they need to fully develop their capabilities might not be what is ordinarily provided by the school, hence this is what Brain Activation’s intervention programme caters to.

The uniqueness of Brain Activation’s intervention programme is that we emphasise the concept of “Learning through Play”. Play is vital to the development of child’s brain. It helps them to foster children’s communication skills, teaches them to explore the world and their feelings, as well as build self-worth and resilience.

Our goal is to offer each and every child the opportunity to develop themselves through different types of play and encourage them the idea of not distinguishing learning from playing. Thoughout the one-to-one intervention class, each child will learn by using a variety of play skills intended to encourage a wide range of abilities and understanding. When play is intergrated into the academix enviroment, it attracts child's attention and creates interest in making sense of the world around them.

Brain Activation's intervention programme included a series of curriculums : 

  • Cognitive Skills ( Pre-Academic, Literacy, Pre-Math, Mathematics )
  • Brain-Base Learning ( Memory skills, Improved visual processing and etc )
  • Handwriting Skills ( Pencil Grip,Mandarin Charaters)
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Music and Movement ( Improve Concentration, Speech, Listening Skills, Motor Coordication and Stimulate Brain Development )

Who is eligible for the intervention programme ?

  • Children with Learning Issues ( Example : Slow Learning , Dyslexia)
  • Children with Low Attention span and/or Low Self-Confidence
  • Children with Special Needs 
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