Create your a harmonic resonance  to boost your believe and create possibilities in life. 

A customized EmoPill™ is deployed through the individual’s auditory senses. The brain’s auditory receptors connect with the prescribed frequency sent via the customized custom EmoPill™, it will engage the brain to potentially create the state needed to help the person move towards the desired outcome. By listening to the customized EmoPill™ on a daily basis, the individual can potentially enhance positive emotional attributes and neutralize or possibly even eliminate negative emotional consequences.

​The Law Of Vibration

Just as a pebble creates vibrations that appear as ripples, which travel outward in a body of water, your thoughts create vibrations that travel outward into the Universe, and attract similar vibrations that manifest as circumstances in your life.


Any positive emotion causes a cell to vibrate at a higher frequency and negative vibrations cause the cells to vibrate at lower frequency. The negative emotion is nothing but an incompletely experienced emotion. These emotions when stored in the cells of the body are the diseases

​Depending upon the purpose and intention of the individual, the desired outcome must be properly identified and decided upon during the design phase.

  • The Power of EmoPill has the ability to increase:

  • Accelerated Learning & Increased Memory Retention

  • Addiction Generally

  • Addiction Relaxing

  • Alcohol & Drugs Addiction

  • Allergy Alzheimer

  • Anger & Irritability Remedy

  • Anxiety

  • Asocial Behaviour

  • Cell Optimization

  • Cell Rejuvenation

  • Chronic Fatigue D

  • eep Sleep + Lucid Dreaming

  • DNA Repair

  • Dyslexia

  • Emotional Acceptance (Associated with Stomach)

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Long Term Memory Stimulation

  • Raise Intelligence

  • Recovery Physical & Mental

  • Reduced Stress Anxiety

  • Reduce Fear + Absent Mindedness + Dizziness

  • Remedy for Unsociable Behavior + Helps on Crystal Clear Meditation + Lucid Dreaming Tension Headache

  • Treatment of Sleep Disturbance



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