Biomedical Treatment

Children health issues are a genuine concern to every parent. To know that your child is going through a health issue is a harrowing ordeal. Nowadays, children might have health issues such as asthma, allergies, indigestion problems, ADHD and autism.

As worrying as these conditions may sound to you, we have a solution. Studies show that these health issues link to nutrient deficiency and heavy metal intoxication in the child’s body. Through their diet and change in certain lifestyle and habits, the conditions of these health issues may be reduced and be stabilized.

Employs the method in natural intake of nutrients to help children improve from their symptoms. Our goal is to get your child to be less dependent on medication, in order to achieve better learning abilities and improve their focus ability and stability in their emotions and behavior.

Dignosis for Asutism Spectrum Disorders, Doctor will providing Autism BioMedical Treatment. After initial assessment, we start by checking for heavy toxicity and food allergy by performing some blood tests.

The treatment consists of : 

- Heavy metal chelation by means of prescribed nutrients

-Restoration of gut mircobiome balance 

- Remedying Food allergy

- Enchance neurological development by prescribed nutrients

Suitable for :-

  • Children already diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD)
  • Children suspected of having ASD
  • Children with learning disorder




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