BA Chinese Programme

BA Chinese Programme

Chinese languages are increasingly in demand outside of Chinese communities. With China and Chinese languages on the rise to becoming the world’s second strongest superpower if not the strongest, the ability to speak Mandarin and to read Standard Chinese has become valuable and indispensable.

BA Chinese Programme aims to garner the interest of children in speaking Mandarin and reading Chinese. As our programme is predominantly geared towards young children who may struggle with learning difficulties or who have had little to no exposure to Chinese languages, conveying simple Chinese characters through fun activities that will leave them with a lasting impression is our main focus. The children’s first introduction to Chinese is through pictographs like so:

Repeated exposure strengthens their memory of the characters. Games designed to simultaneously enrich their social skills and train their physical coordination bolster the introduction of these characters and help the children to blend Chinese seamlessly into their lives, making Chinese part-and-parcel of how they think, talk, and behave.

What is the takeaway of the BA Chinese Programme?

BA Chinese Programme gives children:

  • An understanding of the importance of Chinese in their daily lives and as a future tool
  • Visual recognition of Chinese characters and an understanding of how to apply them
  • Verbal Mandarin-speaking ability
  • An interest in Chinese culture, media, and literature
  • Indirectly, stronger social, mental, and physical capabilities

Chinese is not a language that everyone has had equal access or opportunity to. In understanding that, Brain Activation strives to bridge the gap between Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers. Our BA Chinese Programme aims to level the playing field with the hopes that the seeds of interest we plant in children today will be long-lasting and will open up opportunities in the future.

Image description: Fun pictographs demonstrating characters for Person, Growth, and Forest.

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