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BA Brain-Base Learning

BA Brain-Base Learning

BA Brain-based learning is formed from the fields of psychoimmunology, neuroscience, education, and many others. It is the idea that learning takes place best when the brain is functioning properly. BA Brain-based learning, thus, emphasizes the constant growth of the brain and the importance of brain/mind/body cohesion. The strategies in BA Brain-based learning are endless: They range from maintaining a healthy diet, as it has been discovered that glucose levels can affect learning, to providing a stress-free and creative environment in which to learn. Brain-based learning encourages self-awareness and metacognition (the awareness of one’s own thinking processes and potential for development) over test-taking and rote memorization.

Brain Activation Sdn Bhd carries out numerous activities derived from the principles of brain-based learning intended to spark the brain development of and improve the bodily coordination of students. These include story times, brainstorming sessions, quiet times for reflection, and physical activities. Brain Activation’s programmes are tailored to each child and, as we often work with children who are academically or developmentally challenged, may also be designed to enhance age-appropriate skills and cognition. In addition, we may also offer dietary recommendations or activities that the child can carry out at home.

Who is BA Brain-based learning for?

Brain-based learning is for everyone. At Brain Activation, we offer programmes targeted towards children between the ages of 4 – 12, which includes children who:

Learning difficulties

Have developmental disabilities or learning difficulties

Over-developed skills

Have over-developed skills in one area to the detriment of other areas

Low self-confidence

Have low self-confidence

Behavioural control

Struggle with self-control or behavioural control

Brain-based skills

Want to improve their brain-based skills

How can BA Brain-based learning help?

Brain Activation’s learning programmes help children to

Basic Learns

Read, write, speak, and listen at age-appropriate levels

Creative & Innovative

Become more creative and innovative

Strengthen moral

Strengthen their moral and rational thinking abilities

Develop their observational

Develop their observational and attentional skills


Enhance their self-control

BA Brain-based learning ultimately helps

BA Brain-based learning ultimately helps in the broad areas of


Behavioural regulation

Social awareness

Strengthen moral